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Copyright © 2005 - 2010
by Mels Carbonell, Ph.D


Become a "Certified Human Behavior Consultant and Coach" (faith-based organizations) and/or "Certified Human Resources Consultant and Coach" (business / secular organizations) through Uniquely You's Certification Training. There are currently four levels of Certification: (1) Basic, (2) Specialist, (3) Advanced, and (4) Executive. Each level prepares you to offer your customized training or allows you to use Uniquely You Resources at greatly reduced investments. Receive up to 60% discounts, plus cutting-edge resources to conduct a wide-range of training and coaching opportunities.

To bring a Certification Training Seminar to your area, call 1-800-501-0490 or email Dr. Carbonell at: [email protected] and include your name, address, city, state, zip, phone number, and nearest major airport.

Basic Certification Training

Basic Certification Training - Professional / Business

Your investment for Business Basic Certification Training is only $299 (total value: over $400). Receive one profile each of the Leadership (DISC) Profile, Professionals (DISC) Profile, Team Building (DISC) Profile, UY (DISC) Personality Profile, and UY (DISC) NCR 4 Page Questionnaire, plus a "So, You're Unique! What's Your Point?" hardback book (with a FREE online profile code included in the book - $35 value) and a PowerPoint Presentation for the seminar. Also receive 30% discounts on most UY Resources and receive a one time 50% discount on all materials ordered within 24 hours of the seminar.

Basic Certification - Faith-Based

Our Faith-Based Basic Certification will also be conducted on site or through a Conference Call. We ask for a donation of only $299 for the Faith-Based Basic Certification with the the 9 Personalizing My Faith Profiles, Dr. Mels Carbonell's "Discover Your Giftedness" hard cover book, and a Certification Training PowerPoint CD (total value with training: over $400). Also receive 30% discounts on most UY Resources and receive a one time 50% discount on all materials ordered within 24 hours of the seminar.

To register for either of the next Basic Certification Seminars email Dr. Carbonell at: [email protected] or call 1-800-501-0490 to register for a scheduled training. When approximately 10 people register, he will set a date and email you to see if you are still interested. You don't have to invest anything until you decide to participate.

What you will learn (faith-based):

  • Identify Your Specific Spiritual Gift and Personality Type!
  • Discover How Personality Types Affect Spiritual Gifts!
  • Understand Why Opposites Attract and Attack!
  • Solve The Mystery Of Motivation!
  • Find Where You "Fit" Best at Work and Church!
  • How To Reduce Conflicts and Increase Effectiveness!
  • Improve Communication and Understanding!
  • Learn Human Behavior Science from Biblical Perspective!
  • Neurolinguistic Programming and How Your Mind Is Wired!

Download more information about Basic Training - Faith Based
Download more information about Basic Training - Professional - Business
Certification Investment Summary

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Specialist Certification Faith-Based and/or Professional / Business

The donation for the Specialist Certification and the Starter Kit be $299 (total value: over $400 for materials and training.) You may choose one of any of our Starter Kits. Also receive 40% discounts on most UY Resources.
If you are interested in Specialist Certification Training for Professionals, call 1-800-501-0490 email Dr. Carbonell at: [email protected] and let him know of your interest and closest major city to you.

Download more information about the Specialist Training - Faith Based
Download more information about the Specialist Training - Professional / Business
Certification Investment Summary

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Advanced Certification

Donation for Advanced Certification with an over 300 page Certification Notebook and the Reference Manual (278 pages) will be $299 for materials and training (total value over $600).

Or register for all three Certifications for a donation of $795 (total value of materials and training: over $1,600.) Also receive 50% discounts on most UY Resources.

Download more information about the Advanced Training
Certification Investment Summary

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Executive Certification

Executive Certification is the fourth level of training and certification. Receive 60% discounts on all UY Resources so that you can resell them at higher profit margins. Executive Certification investment is $595. (total value of materials and training: over $1,000.)

Receive all 4 levels of training and materials for only $1,200 as packaged if paid in advance (value over $800 in materials alone, not counting the training). Most professional training for this level of time and materials would be over $5,000. Take advantage of these offers while Dr. Carbonell is available to help you. (Costs and Fees may change without notice)

Click Here to download information on Executive Training (Secular and Faith-Based)
Certification Investment Summary

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Uniquely You Licensing

Exclusive LICENSING is also now available once you complete all 4 levels of Certification. This is only for those who are serious about starting or improving their consulting and coaching business and/or ministry. You must complete a year long mentorship consisting of monthly one hour private or small group Conference Calls. You will also receive thousands of dollars worth of materials providing you will the best resources for presenting yourself as a professional trainer. Licensing will also allow you to certify others to conduct training under you while you build your own group of consultants and trainers. You will also receive commissions on all their orders. Uniquely You will provide those you certify with their certificates, material fulfillment, book-keeping / accounting, credit card processing and much more. Become part of one of the fastest growing industries — consulting, coaching, and training!

Total investment for all four Certification Training Levels, plus exclusive Licensing Rights is $2,700.

Certification Investment Summary

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Uniquely You Conference Call Certification Training

Certification Training is often conducted through Conference Calls. Participants simply phone a long distance number and enter their code to get connected. Everyone can hear everyone else or mute his or her phone and just listen. Everybody can ask questions and participate live as if they were all together in the same room. A PowerPoint presentation is either mailed or sent through email to everyone in advance. The PowerPoint Presentation is used during the training for you to see what Dr. Carbonell is referring to as he trains. You also receive other materials for the training. Conference Call Training is very effective and convenient for the busy leader who cannot take the time to travel to onsite training. There are four Conference Call Certification Training Seminars: Basic, Specialist, Advanced, and Executive. NOTE: Once registered, you will receive an e-mail from Dr. Carbonell, one - two days prior to the training, with the conference call phone number and pin number you will be using for the confernence call and any special instructions (Conference Calls are not toll free numbers.) Please contact us if you do not recieve this email so that we may get this valuable information to you.
For more info call 1-800-501-0490 or email: [email protected]

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Global Focus

For more information or to register for a Certification Training Seminar call 1-800-501-0490 or email: [email protected].

Uniquely You is also partnering with Global Focus (GF). Click here for more info about how GF is creating the most exciting and results-oriented ministry for churches and individuals to fulfill the Great Commission and Acts 1:8 strategy. It is now time to open the funnel and take the Uniquely You and Global Focus message worldwide. We will therefore offer most of our Certification Training in conjunction with Global Focus Training.

Dr. Carbonell will also be one of the key note speakers, along with:

  • Dr. Johnny Hunt - Pastor of First Baptist Church of Woodstock
  • Dr. Jerry Rankin - President of the International Mission Board
  • Dr. Bob Reccord - Former President of the North American Mission Board
  • Dr. Larry Reesor - President of Global Focus

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Here is the Global Focus / Uniquely You Seminar/Training Format:

  • Wednesday evening Missions Celebration takes place during the regular Wednesday evening service.
  • Thursday, the Global Focus Seminar begins with presentations from Larry Reesor, Johnny Hunt, Jim Sheffield, Jerry Rankin and Dr. Mels Carbonell.
  • Thursday evening, Dr. Mels Carbonell will present the Uniquely You Basic Certification Training.
  • Friday morning, the Global Focus Seminar concludes.

You will receive the material that is offered with the basic certification package as well as all the material that Global Focus will hand out during their seminar (almost a $200 value). You will also be certified as a Certified Human Behavior Consultant. Attend the Global Focus / Uniquely You Seminar and you will understand clearly the call that God has given each of us as described in Acts 1:8.

Conferences will begin on Wednesday evenings and end on Friday noon. Uniquely You Basic Certification will be on Thursday. You are strongly encouraged to attend all the sessions, but you may attend Thursday only for basic certification. Please check our training schedule for times and more information or call 706-492-5490.

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