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Copyright © 2005 - 2010
by Mels Carbonell, Ph.D



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Dr. Mels Carbonell will conduct a very enlightening and practical seminar focusing on discovering your divine design. You will learn how to:

  • Identify Your Specific Personality type or Your Spiritual Gift and Personality Type!
  • Discover How Personality Types Affect Spiritual Gifts!
  • Understand Why Opposites Attract and Attack!
  • Solve The Mystery Of Motivation!
  • Find Where You "Fit" Best at Work and Church!
  • How To Reduce Conflicts and Increase Effectiveness!
  • Improve Communication and Understanding!
  • Learn Human Behavior Science from Biblical Perspective!
  • Neurolinguistic Programming and How Your Mind Is Wired!

New incentives for sponsoring a seminar in your church or organization:

Become a Partner Organization and receive tremendous benefits, plus thousands of dollars worth of resources and training!

Sponsor a seminar FREE for your members by investing $2,000 (up to 100 members, $5-$10 a person for each person over 100 attendees) for travel, lodging, and materials.

  • All those who attend will receive one Personalizing My Faith Membership and Ministry Combining Spiritual Gifts with Personality Types Profile, your choice of Uniquely You Personalizing Personality Profile, or one small Seminar Notebook. You will also have your choice of which Spiritual Gifts (7, 9, 16, or 23) List you prefer.

Sponsor your own Personalizing My Faith / Discover Your Giftedness Seminar or Church Health Training Seminar

  • One of the greatest benefits is being allowed to order any Uniquely You Resources at a 50% discount for an entire year after the seminar.
  • This special discount is usually reserved for all Advanced Certified Consultants.
  • Receive one FREE access for you to convert your paper profile into an online profile, once people return their info sheetsf from their profile for everyone who attends our Discover Your Giftedness Seminar in your organization.
  • Receive one FREE Online Group Account for your organization
  • With this code and your group account, you can enter all the information from their profiles and create your own database with volumes of valuable information.
  • Put a link to our Uniquely You info on your organization's website and receive our Affiliate Program FREE.
  • Everyone will be encouraged to hand in their information sheets found in the back of their Self-Study Guide for your organization to process, plus create queries and reports.
  • With this information in your database you will be able to find the right people for the right ministries in your organization.
  • Encourage members to attend the Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon Discover Your Giftedness Seminar and all those from your organization who want to learn more can attend additional Certification Training FREE.
  • These individuals will make ideal Team Members to help with your assimilation and member involvement ministry.
  • To become "officially" certified those who attend the Certification Training, usually conducted on Saturday afternoon or all day Monday, must invest $299 in materials. The actual training will be FREE.
  • You will also receive one totally FREE "official" Certification Training with over $200 in materials for sponsoring the seminar.

Revolutionary Change for Sponsoring a Uniquely You Seminar and Certification Training

There are numerous benefits in sponsoring a seminar in your church. You will receive the most up-to-date consulting, plus hundreds of dollars in free training and resources.

Bonus: Sponsor a seminar for your organization and receive your FREE Basic Certification Training session at a future site and date. See the Basic Certification Training page for more information. Certification Training provides advanced instruction for those serious about improving their effectiveness. Once you complete training, you will become a "Certified Human Behavior Consultant," qualified to conduct training for ministries or businesses and be allowed to order Uniquely You Resources at greatly reduced rates. Uniquely You Training is a must for churches desiring to grow and improve their effectiveness.

We can show you how to reach your attendance goals with our "Strategies and Procedures to make your seminar a great success" free manual. We will also mail promotional materials to 500 - 1,000 churches in your area inviting them to participate and list your seminar on our website.

Sponsor one or all of the PMF Series Seminars to help your members continue "growing" around the bases and become fully obedient followers of Christ!

Our most popular seminar thus far has been the "Discover Your Giftedness" churchwide seminar.


Click here for a schedule of all our Seminars and Certification Training

For more information about having a seminar in your church, call Dr. Carbonell at (706) 492-4709.