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What is Uniquely You?
Dr. Mels Carbonell, Pres.
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Copyright © 2005 - 2010
by Mels Carbonell, Ph.D

What is Uniquely You?
Dr. Mels Carbonell, President


What is Uniquely You?

Uniquely You is a training and consulting organization that helps both businesses and faith-based groups. UY's faith-based mission is to be a Christ-centered, Bible-based ministry dedicated to empowering and equipping Christians through discovering their giftedness.

Serving Corporate America by providing Human Resources Consulting and Train The Trainer Seminars, UY specializes in Human Behavior Science from a secular and / or biblical perspective.

Uniquely You is one of the most popular profile providers and the pioneer for combining spiritual gifts with the 4 DISC personality types. You can now assess your own or ministry's strengths and "uniquenesses" by identifying your DISC personality profile and spiritual gifts types. By understanding Human Behavior Science from a biblical perspective, you can help members find their shape and place in the ministries of your church. These personality insights and motivational gifts will improve your ministry's church health, assimilation, network, involvement, leadership, evangelism, discipleship, conflict resolution, and spiritual growth.

The Uniquely You DISC Personality Profiles were developed by Dr. Mels Carbonell in 1987. Trained by Dr. John Geier, founder of the DiSC Performax Personal Profile System (which is now part of DiSC Inscape Publishing), Dr. Carbonell was first introduced to the DiSC Personality Profile while attending Dallas Theological Seminary. Because of his burden to help churches improve their effectiveness, plus increase church growth, and health, Dr. Carbonell created the first of their kind combination Spiritual Gifts and DISC Personality Profiles. Uniquely You purposely doesn't refer to them as Personality Tests because people pass or fail a test, while these DISC profiles are simple personality assessments. No one fails.

Observed first by Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, he used the old greek titles: Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic, and Melancholy. Dr. Tim LaHaye and Florence Litthouer have popularized these titles, but it was William Marston who in 1928 introduced the four initials D for Dominance, I for Influence, S for Submissive, and C for Compliant.

Uniquely You is committed to providing the most comprehensive, simple and thorough, yet practical profiles for ministries, businesses, and personal development. Many companies, consultants, coaches, trainers, counselors, and leaders have been trained by Uniquely You through Dr. Carbonell's Discover Your Giftedness, How To Improve Your Task and People Skills, plus Uniquely You Seminars around the world. If you are interested in becoming a Certified Human Behavior Consultant, let Uniquely You train you. Look through the links below to find out more information about what you are interested in.

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Dr. Mels Carbonell, President

Mels Carbonell, Ph.D. in Human Behavior and Leadership, is President of Uniquely You Seminars and Resources, plus the Leadership Institute of America. He has published six books: What Makes You Tick, Solving The Mystery of Motivation, How To Be Personality Wise, Discover your Giftedness, So You're Unique! What's Your Point? and Extreme Personality Makeover. Dr. Carbonell has also developed and published over 30 assessments designed for individuals, churches, organizations, and businesses to help improve their Human Resources effectiveness. He created the "first-of-its-kind" combination Spiritual Gifts and DISC Personality Profile that is used in ministries throughout the world. He has numerous Facilitators' Manuals, plus various faith-based and secular resources to increase involvement and reduce conflicts in the church and at work.

As a youth specialist, he received the Sertoma Club's "Service To Mankind" Award in 1973 for his outstanding work with youth. With up to 1,000 teens attending his weekly Bible studies, he has influenced many young people who are now serving the Lord as business and church leaders, plus pastors, teachers, and missionaries.

As a minister since 1966, Dr. Carbonell pastored "Florida's Fastest Growing Church" in 1975. He also led the church to have the "Largest First Anniversary" in U.S. history according to CHRISTIAN LIFE MAGAZINE with 1471 people attending. His second church doubled in attendance in less than two years. Specializing in the science of motivation, he has devoted a lifetime to helping others do their best.

As a human behavior specialist, he has conducted training for Walt Disney World, Zig Ziglar, AT&T, DuPont, John Deere, Acura, Fleetwood / Coleman, Southern Bell, GA Bankers Assoc., Minirth & Meier / New Life, Rapha, Ridgecrest Conference Center, Motorola, American Express, AIG Insurance, Baptist Sunday School Board, Trinity Evangelical Seminary, Dallas Theological Seminary, ACSI, plus many of America's largest churches and schools. He has also been a guest on the 700 Club, Moody Primetime Radio Network, ACTS Television Network and numerous radio and television talk shows nationwide.

As an educator, Dr. Carbonell co-founded a private school with Mark DeBee that grew to nearly 400 students in ten years. In 1984, Dr. Carbonell was invited to the White House for a special briefing with President Ronald Reagan. He is a Dallas Theological Seminary graduate deeply committed to helping educators and ministers improve their effectiveness. Dr. Carbonell has personally trained thousands of consultants and coaches who are influencing hundreds of thousands worldwide. A couple of those he has trained are: Dr. Robert Rohm with Personality-Insights and Jay McSwain with PLACE Ministries. Dr. Carbonell's desire and passion is to help others do better than he has done.

Simplifying the often complex people puzzle, Dr. Carbonell is a proven presenter and dynamic communicator.
Contact Dr. Carbonell by phone: 706-492-4709 or email at: [email protected]

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